this week there's a lot of news for decoration collectors and friends of conspiracies - exciting!

New Themed Event: U.F.O.
During Halloween you saw strange things happen on your farms, but now it gets even stranger! Jack and Jim donned their agent outfit, while investigating a huge conspiracy. According to Farmer George, weird visitors have been seen on your farm - rumors even mention aliens from outer space! What is going on?


The truth is out there! Find it and be prepared for new quests, new decorations, a new event seed and the new themed event!

New decoration

  • Mysterious Relic
  • Crater
  • Galactic Garden
  • Crop Circle

News Event-Seed:

  • Rapeseed

Prime Day: Production and Construction time reduction

With this new Prime Day bonus, your production and construction times are reduced by 50% each.
This bonus takes effect on all actions that are started after activating it.

All production and construction processes, started after gaining the bonus, are completed twice as fast. Previously started processes are not affected by this bonus. A standard egg production with this active bonus would only need 6:30 minutes, for example.
This bonus has no effect on dog and cooperative tree times.

Staff changes

With this update, the option to hire staff to help out your farm will be deactivated.
Staff you already hired will of course continue their work, until the feature will be taken out of the game or the timer runs out. If the feature will be disabled while you still have staff running, you will get the gold back after that update. We will update you on this as soon as the update comes along.
Since we always had a few annoying little problems with the staff in its current form, this feature will be completely removed in its current form. But don't worry, the staff bonuses won't be cut out of the game completely, we're already thinking about ways to bring them back into the game in a different way

Two new stages for acres and windmill

The acres and windmill will get 2 news stages, like the other production buildings. The highest stage is, as usual, only available during the Master Builder event. Some appearances of the existing deco may have changed due to this, the amounts of produced goods per level will of course stay the same and will only get higher with stage 6 and 7.


  • Sometimes it was possible that the windmill vanes rotate all by themselves, and even rotate on a completely wrong location. Yes, it looked as weird as it sounds. This bug should now be fixed, and your workers are safe to work without helmets again.

The update will be live between 9:00am CET and 10:00am CET as usual.
Have loads of fun and feel free to discuss,
your Big Farm Team.


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