Hello Big Farmers,
just enough time to squeeze one more update to January - what do we have?

New: The Deco Tower

A new building next to your farm will give you access to the Deco Tower, a collection of all your decoration. Here you can check on what decos you have and which ones are missing yet

  • The Deco Tower can be opened by clicking on the new building next to your farm
  • You can change floors via a selection on the left side of the new menu
  • At the Deco Tower, you can zoom closer to your decorations than it is possible within the game, so you can check them out in great detail.
  • Decos you don't own yet will only be visible as black shapes
  • If you obtain a new decoration, you can activate it in the Deco Tower by clicking its shape

New: Fertile field

The fertile field is now available in the game. It's got the exact same values as the regular field, but will only be half its size.
This new field is available for gold and not purchasable through dollars.

New Prime offerings

  • A new Personal Offer will reward you with a decoration if you do a set number of purchases during a specific time frame. The amount of bought gold is completely up to you.
  • A new Prime Day with gold licenses will be added and will fit between the two existing Prime Days with gold licenses. If you didn't find your perfect offer for gold licenses yet, here's a chance for you now!


As usual, we'll try to get rid of as many bugs as possible until the update hits. Have fun!


Update discussion

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