Hello everybody,

We are already busy working on a few small suprises, which although small, will pave the way for many exciting things in the future!
We know you will be curious about what these suprises are, but you will have to wait a little longer to find out. In the meantime, have fun discussing the update planned for next week. :P

New feature: Prime Spending

Until now you could 'only' get a bonus for purchasing gold, but why should there not be another bonus for spending this gold later on?
With this update, we will introduce "Prime Spending".
This feature will give you the chance to gain rewards for spending gold! It works kind of similar to Prime Days, but this time you will not have to fill a water tank to claim your reward. Instead, the game will track how much gold you have spent since this event started and will grant you rewards if you reach certain amounts.
These rewards will scale from normal wares for smaller amounts of gold spent, to a variety of useful things and eventually even to a brand new exclusive decoration!

New special offer

This offer will be gradually activated for different user groups and will enable you to get another exclusive deco if you make 3 purchases in Big Farm's shop within the given time frame. What is this decoration going to be, you ask? Well that's something you will find out once you get the offer.

Prime Day: Flowers

This new Prime Day should cater to all players who love seeing flowers grow on their farms. It will give you the chance to get all kinds of seeds and even a new seed that you've never seen before. Excited? Flower lovers had better be!

Bugfixes und optimizations

  • The interface of the library has been reworked a bit to make some things a little clearer.
  • Dog lovers at low levels may rejoice! The dog will now be available at level 7 (down from level 10). Hooray!
  • The 'not enough workers' dialogue for low level players has been adjusted.
  • Sometimes the crate the plane drops for new players was not displayed before you reloaded the page. This was now fixed and the plane should no longer drop invisible crates.
  • An error that caused some researches to pretend that they were not running, even though they had already been started, was fixed.
  • We're still hunting a group message bug that causes some messages to not be delivered to players correctly. Some changes have been made to improve the situation and shrink the bug's appetite. Please keep us updated if there are still messages getting lost in action.


Update discussion

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