Hello everybody,

last week a lot of new things were added to your farms. This week will bring only a few changes so you can relax and get ready for the next big update.

Here's the preview of all upcoming changes:

Prime Day: Mystery Box
Until now, mystery boxes were only available during Benny Buddler's special offer event. Now you will be able to get them as a special bonus to your gold purchases as well.
We're introducing the new Prime Day: Mystery Box! Take this chance and grab some of these mysterious reward-containing boxes now!

Rework of the Mystery Box interface
With the aforementioned new Prime Day you can now get more than one Mystery Box at once. These ought to be temporarily stored somewhere, right? That's what the dropbox is for. If you receive more than one Mystery Box, you will find them in your dropbox and will be able to open them from there. Of course - as per usual with the dropbox - you cannot manually store any Mystery Boxes there. Furthermore, you will now get the possibility to purchase more Mystery Boxes from the same dialogue that displays your reward after opening the box, so you won't have to open the event window over and over and over again if you want to purchase more than one box.

Ingame announcement - rework of the second farm
We want every player to know that the second farm will be reworked soon. Therefore we will add an announcement-button to the game that will lead you to a preview of what is going to happen with the gourmet farm.
This new button will be located near the bottom part of the user interface.
The announcement itself will contain further information on some aspects regarding the rework - the process, new buildings and changes to old buildings.
If the button bothers you, there will be an option to remove this button after having read the whole statement.

This update will take place between 09:00 and 11:00am CET and you may discuss it here.

your Big Farm team.


Update discussion

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