Jingle, jangle, jingle, jangle!

It's all winter-y, and the holiday season is close! We, too, have a few suprises in our bag - I mean, sleeves!

New Event: Winter! Christmas decoration is everywhere, except your farm looks kinda empty - This will change, because Tessa is planning to make your farm moody! She didn't think of George though, who can't remember where he stored his decorations. Help both of them to find Georges old stash, so your farm can join the party!

Changes: Farm positioning and undergrowth

  • Until now, every undergrowth had its own demolition time and its own Dollar value when destroying it. That was somewhat weird, if you realized that the most recently destroyed undergrowth did take longer than the next one. So now we changed the times and rewards and both will increase with each piece of undergrowth you're destroying.
  • Positioning of the starting Farm will change.
    Right now, if you start a new farm, all fields will be in the middle of the playing field. After this update, new players will begin their game in the top corner, and all expansions will be on the bottom left and bottom right of the farm. For all existing Farms, nothing should change, new farms might look a bit different now

Prime Day: Decoration A new Prime Day will reward you with a new decoration for filling up the water tank by buying gold.
The spring will be an exclusive new decoration, only available through this new Prime Day for now.


  • "<" and ">" should be available again in Cooperative chat
  • Some errors regarding the dog should be fixed. Additionally, we found some bug origins causing his abnormal hunger and refusal of eating. We can't give a complete all-clear though, and we'll continue searching for more bugs.
  • Small text in various menus should now be readable again
  • An error ocurring while watering the Cooperative Tree should be fixed

As usual, the update will take place between 09:00am CET and 11:00am CET


Update discussion

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