Hey Farmers,

Christmas is near and we all know that you are busy with the winter event, but still we have another small update for you.

Complete removal of staff

We deactivated the possibility to hire staff for your farms a while ago, but some players gave them long-term contracts and so they have still been working on some farms.
With this update, we will completely remove (and replace) this feature, which means you will no longer be able to get any effect from the hired staff. Of course, you will not lose the gold you invested for being a nice employer and paying them beforehand. If you paid them for months in advance, you will of course get part of your gold back.

New feature: Library

As you all know, Daniel likes to do research. Within the last couple of weeks he interviewed all former staff and asked them for useful tips on how to make processes on your farm more effective. Benny Buddler gave him some information on how to get more yield when growing, Vicky taught him how to be especially nice to your animals and Eva gave some tips on how to make the apple harvest extra big.

Daniel is a kind guy and doesn't want to keep the information all to himself, so he decided to put a library next to your farms.

  • The library will be available for players level 16 and above and will be shown next to your farm.
  • In the library you can find all kinds of books on how to increase produce on your farm. Buying these books will enable you to receive a set amount of goods on top of each of your productions.
  • There will be notepads that are cheap and to obtain, but there will also be hard-cover books that will be for more than just your viewing pleasure, of course.
  • A new button in the user interface will lead the way to this new feature, if you don't want to click on the building next to your farm of course.

Interface changes

To button to visit your cooperative village has been moved to the multiplayer functions menu in order to make way for the library button at the bottom part of the interface.


  • Some missing tooltips have been put back into the game.
  • A bug within the cooperative ranking list was fixed, and it should work again now

The update will take place at the usual time, between 09:00am and 11:00am CET.

Have fun discussing the changes here.

your Big Farm team.


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