Hey Big Farmers,
we're starting into the new year. First update in 2014, here we go!

New: Prime Days

There will be two new versions of a Prime Day you already know: the Prime Day reward box!
These versions will offer you a smaller box with less content but will also require you to purchase less gold in order to get it.

New: Custom cooperative rejection message

Cooperative leaders and deputies can now write a small customizable text upon rejecting member applications. Applicants will then know, why their application to your cooperative was rejected.

New: Inventory Notifications

If you get new items (e.g. rewards for quests or events), these will now be marked by a new exclamation mark icon. The icon will be shown directly above your inventory at the main menu, as well as above the dropbox tab after opening your inventory.


  • A display error that caused temporary bonuses to display as 00:00:00 was fixed.
  • Some cut of texts were glued back together. You may now see the whole text. It's not hiding its bruises anymore.
  • Rewards were sometimes displayed as if they were credited twice. You didn't get two rewards, though. This won't happen anymore.
  • Your workers are no longer fleeing from your farm once you return after visiting another person's farm. We didn't even need to put barbed wire on top of all fences once they found out you were constantly watching them.

The update will take place around 9:00am to 11:00am CET.


Update discussion

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