Hey everyone,
here's all the information you'll need for our next update! So, what's going to happen?

- New: Slide Up Notifications

We'll introduce a new notification system, which will hopefully help you immensely in the future! Starting with mission notifications to remind you of available missions, the game will give you a small reminder about things that are about to happen.

We're planning to incorporate many other features in the future, for example to let you know when a coop project begins or ends, without distracting the gameplay too much.
You will find the reminder right above the mission/research area at the main menu. It will scroll into view, and will disappear after a short while. The gameplay will not be affected, you can just continue playing while it's showing. You can also close it yourself, of course.

If you're not a fan of the new pop-up messages, you can of course deactivate them in the Options menu. Just be sure to keep an eye on upcoming Official Announcements to see whenever we add new functionalities to it, or you might miss some really cool stuff!

- Prime Time Interface changes

We will test a new name for the Prime Time. The new name will only been shown to a limited percentage of users, and the values of the Prime Time itself won't change a bit. If you see the new Prime Time, be sure to let us know what you think

- Prime Day Interface changes

Some minor changes of the Prime Day interface, including the reward's worth to be displayed, for your convenience!

- Bugfixes and other changes

  • We fixed a bug that causes to not show the effect of premium/super feed and fertilizer on the stables.

Alright, have fun everyone


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