Hey guys, here are all infos for our next update on wednesday!

New: Big Farm Deals

The Bazaar has opened!
You know the rapid fire offers from Monica, but now a new vendor will visit your farm and carries even more great offers in his cart!
Omar Al-Tajer will not only offer Dollars in exchange for gold, but also gives you the opportunity to buy various premium items for a very low price! Their may even be 100% price drops - so keep your eyes open, because you wouldn't wanna miss free stuff, now won't you?
Similar to Monica, his offers are only viable for a certain amount of time and will then change to the next random offer. You can see the current offer's remaining time at the clock above Omar's head.

New: Prime Sale

Did you always wish for discounts on single farm improvements?
Prime Sale is exactly what you waited for, because with this new feature, we will give you great discounts on various things, starting with various books in the library! But don't wait too long - the offer is only available for a short amount of time!

Prime Day changes: Dollar and Experience Points, and the exclusive Deco offer

During a Prime Day offer for XP and Dollars, you will now get a level specific reward, if you manage to fill the water tank.
On top of that, the exklusive offer (which will grant you the Birdbath decoration) will now be opened up for even more users. As usual, this will happen on random, but now more players will have the opportunity to get to see this offer.

Bugs and Changes

  • We repaired some faulty animations of the windmill
  • Some icons were shown way too small when zoomed out - should be fixed
  • Tooltips of different buildings weren't shown correctly. This also should not happen again.
  • Lots of small display errors regarding the deco tower were fixed
  • A bug that caused the chat window to no longer be available was fixed
  • Various graphic issues with the mine should no longer appear
  • Some behaviour bugs during "Trick or Treat" are fixed
  • If animations are turned off, the buildings should no longer give off clouds of smoke
  • Very little icons that could appear from the workers are now back to normal size
  • A bug that kept a current construction from being completed if you enter the deco tower is fixed
  • The viewing perspective when starting the game is back to its regular position, you don't need to watch the sky on half the screen anymore.

This update will take place between 09:00am and 11:00am CET and you may discuss it here.
your Big Farm team.


Update discussion

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