Heyhey Big Farmers,

last week's update brought a lot of changes, so it's time to let that sink and just add some small additions while working on the next big thing.
Here are the changes in this week's small update:

New: Achievements focusing on the gourmet farm

We are going to introduce 2 new gourmet farm themed sticker packs, including 7 new regular and one new secret achievement as well as new rewards.

Other changes and bugfixes

  • There will now be tooltips on ship slot items, so you can see how many of those you still have in storage
  • Prime Time interfaces have been reworked to make all conditions more clear
  • Many smaller and bigger bugs have been squatted!

This update is expected to take place between 09:00am and 11:00am CEST and you may discuss it here.
your Big Farm team


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