Hello Big Farmers,

the next update is going to be a small one again, so we can already start preparations for the new mysterious garage feature. Still there are some things to announce:
Deletion of inactive player accounts

Big Farm is getting more and more users every day - in fact we just reached 25 million players!
Some of these players have not checked their farms for quite some time now and keep other players from using their user names, even though they don't play anymore. New players will now get the chance to claim some of these names: We will do some spring cleaning and - starting with this update - delete all accounts that have been inactive for at least 6 months.

So if you have a farm idling on another server and haven't visited that one for more than 6 months now, please consider logging in to this farm, so it doesn't get deleted.

Changes to Prime Day: Reward Box

Possible contents for this Prime Day's reward box are now adjusted to fit the needs of certain player groups even better. As with the changes of "Prime Day: Experience points and dollars", this will result in different rewards for different players, especially adjusted to their needs. In total, this adds 3 new versions of the reward box.

Bugfixes and small changes

  • Fields to which humus was applied should now show the correct amount of yield in their tooltips again.
  • Missing mission start and end dialogues if logged out of the game or after game crashes will now be shown again.
  • Small adjustments have been made to the mission matchmaking system.

This update will take place between 9am and 11am CEST and you can discuss its contents here.

your Big Farm team.


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