Hey guys,
here's the information for our second update this week

- New: New rewards for Prime Spending

We added some new rewards for our Prime Spending event. Lots of new surprises for you!

'- 'New: New Exclusive Offer Stages

Two new alternative deco appearances for the rope lights are coming in!

- New: Main Farm Tasks

We added more tasks to the main farm, one more quest for every building! Don't worry - if you already did upgrade those buildings, the quests will still pop up and you will be able to collect the reward immediately!

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Loading process optimized. The loading order when starting up the game should now allow for faster interaction and less waiting time.
  • Inventory full popup was a bit confusing, we made it better!
  • Changed the description of premium and super goat feed


Update discussion

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