• Kat Nip

    Heyhey Big Farmers,

    last week's update brought a lot of changes, so it's time to let that sink and just add some small additions while working on the next big thing.
    Here are the changes in this week's small update:

    New: Achievements focusing on the gourmet farm

    We are going to introduce 2 new gourmet farm themed sticker packs, including 7 new regular and one new secret achievement as well as new rewards.

    Other changes and bugfixes

    • There will now be tooltips on ship slot items, so you can see how many of those you still have in storage
    • Prime Time interfaces have been reworked to make all conditions more clear
    • Many smaller and bigger bugs have been squatted!

    This update is expected to take place between 09:00am and 11:00am CEST and you may discuss i…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hello Big Farmers,

    This week will bring a lot of informative, challenging, decorative and fun changes to your farms.
    Let's have a look:

    New: permanent library boosters for the gourmet farm and an additional booster for your main farm

    Have you ever wondered why there is no wildflower booster book? Well, since wildflowers have been grown in increasing numbers lately (thanks to the mission system) we decided it's now time to also increase your basic knowledge on wildflower growing.

    But that is not all! We are also going to introduce a whole new section in the library that will be dedicated to your gourmet farm and it's products. Interested in new bakery trends and feed improvements for your donkeys, ducks and goats? Take a look at the all new boos…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone,

    this week's update will be a calm one - we're mostly working on as many bugfixes as we can possibly fit in, and a lot of small changes to the backend system.

    The ship - Changes

    The amount of products you already have in your storage will now be shown within the ship's window, so you will have a much easier time calculating for the next shipment. This will be shown as a tool tip for each product.

    Tutorial - Changes

    Loading times for new players that didn't finish the tutorial yet should be much better now. We also tweaked some task content during the tutorial.

    Next week though, there will be a lot of stuff that you might like Let me just tease you with one word: Decorations!

    Have fun,
    your Big Farm team.


    Update discussion

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  • Kat Nip

    Ahoy, me Big Farm mateys,

    Yarrrr, what is that showing up on the horizon?
    Is it a boat, is it a plane or is it Superman fighting a giant monster shark? Oh.. it actually is a boat! And it's docking at our harbor!

    New Feature: The Ship v1

    This time, we introduce something you all have been waiting for - the first feature of the new environment: the ship.
    Captain Barnacle and his baby octopus Miss Tentacle are planning to set up some agreement with you to get regular shipments going from your farm.
    The ship will arrive every now and then to pick up some goods you have to deliver. Once a shipment is completed, the ship leaves and you will get a reward.


    • Captain Barnacle's ship docks at the harbor next to your farm.
    • Once the ship has arrived and y…

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  • Kat Nip

    Hey everyone,
    here's all the information you'll need for our next update! So, what's going to happen?

    - New: Slide Up Notifications

    We'll introduce a new notification system, which will hopefully help you immensely in the future! Starting with mission notifications to remind you of available missions, the game will give you a small reminder about things that are about to happen.

    We're planning to incorporate many other features in the future, for example to let you know when a coop project begins or ends, without distracting the gameplay too much.
    You will find the reminder right above the mission/research area at the main menu. It will scroll into view, and will disappear after a short while. The gameplay will not be affected, you can just con…

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