There are 10 different types of cooperative projects that reward varying amounts of Solidarity Points to help your Cooperative level up and unlock more Research. Each project requires specific numbers of Collection items to fill them before they can be started. These projects are more hands-on than the Research variety, which is more like waiting for a building to finish construction.

After starting, collectively harvest the produce needed while the clock is going.

Member Participation Edit

Project activity

Project Activity

After many complaints, Good Game added a feature to give all Cooperative members a way to get an idea of who is contributing to getting collection projects done and who isn't.

Shovels are shown on the Cooperative Member List to give an idea of how much a player has contributed and this is supposed to take different levels and abilities into account. Members need to participate in at least two collection projects before the contributions will start registering.

If Shovels are gray (all or some), that means the member hasn't contributed to any project yet - either due to not having the opportunity, just joined, absence while projects are running, or minimal/lack of effort. As contributions are made, the Shovels turn brown.