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Home Sweet Home!

Primary Produce Edit

Some of these items may be transferred to other farms to be used as ingredients for the Bakery (Gourmet Farm) and Shop (Flower Farm), or to start and/or boost productions there.

  • Field Crops
    • Wildflowers
    • Corn
    • Cabbage
    • Wheat
    • Rutabaga
    • Alfalfa
    • See also... Seeds
  • Stables
    • Chicken coop: Eggs & Dung
    • Cowshed: Milk & Dung
    • Pigsty: Pigs & Dung
  • Orchards
    • Apples & Leaves
    • Cherries & Leaves
  • Silo
    • Fertilizer (from Dung)
  • Composter
    • Humus (from Leaves)
  • Windmill
    • Chicken feed
    • Pig feed
    • Cow feed

Special Buildings Edit

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