Rose McLundy will train your horse at the Horse Ranch. She takes payment for the training in horseshoes. You can get horseshoes by selling farm products at the Ship.

You can train your horse at one of three courses to train strength, endurance, and agility. Training lasts for 4 hours. Standard training costs 10 horseshoes for every training point. If you choose to train points higher than 40 x your level, the extra training will become intensive training and will cost you 20 horseshoes per training point. Each training session will also give 1 bonus training point per level of your training course so upgrade your training course when possible.


Competition TransporterEdit

George, Lester, and Tessa would like to challenge your horse to a competition. Go to the competition transporter to challenge them. If you win a challenge competition, you will get competition horseshoes. Competition horseshoes are payment for upgrading your training courses and your stable. If you lose, you must wait 3 hours before trying again. You cannot compete in competitions while your horse is in training. You should always compete in the challenge competitions before starting your next training session.



The Stable is where you keep and breed your horses. You can also view your available regular and competition horses on the main stable screen. Each upgrade to the stable adds one more slot to store a horse. You can horse for a Horse Branch Level Up


Each of your horses has a breeding value shown below the heart next to each of your horses. The breeding value is the total of the training points divided by 3. If you have at least 2 horses with a breeding value of 10 or more, you can get a breeding effect when you breed them. Breeding 2 horses will produce a new horse, but you will lose the 2 horses you used for the breeding. The new horse will keep the average training points from the parent horses.