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Daily Login BonusesEdit

Everyday we get a bonus for logging in. To get a bonus depends on whether the player logs into the game every day in a row. The value of the bonus depends on the player level - the higher the level, the more valuable the bonus.

Bonus types for days 1-4 are always the same. Day 5 items run on a 120 day rotation.

Table of daily bonuses

Day Bonus                            Dependent on the level?
1 Dollars 1000 yes (approx. 1000 x level)
2 Experience Points 1 yes (approx. 1 x level)
3 Fertilizer 10 no
4 Gold 30


Day 5 items

1 Token

5 Special Wildflower Seeds

80 Gold

1 Mystery Box

4 Rose Seeds

2 Super Humus

1 Token

80 Gold

1 Sunflower Seed

50 Gold

6 Humus

1 Token

30 Premium Chicken Feed

80 Gold

1 Mystery Box

2 Violet Seeds

20 Premium Pig Feed

1 Token

60 Water

80 Gold

10 Premium Cow Feed

1 Mystery Box

7 Premium Humus

30 Premium Fertilizer

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