As many of you know, a new Chinese new year even started on 02/07/16, which lasts 15 days in total. There are 12 different zodiac symbols that appear randomly as you go about your business on the farm. At the end, you will get a decoration that is enhanced by your success in the event. When you reach 100% of a particular animal, the decoration gets improved. The improvements are as follows:

  1. Rat -> +2 happiness
  2. Ox -> +6 happiness
  3. Tiger -> +14 happiness
  4. Rabbit -> +18 happiness
  5. Dragon -> +18 happiness
  6. Snake -> +30 happiness
  7. Horse -> +6 happiness
  8. Goat -> +6 happiness
  9. Monkey -> +10 happiness
  10. Rooster -> +10 happiness
  11. Dog -> 1x1 reduction in size
  12. Pig -> 1x1 reduction in size

Not all symbols are created equal. The bigger bonuses will require more zodiac symbols to complete, with Pig taking the most. It appears that each symbol is equally likely to appear.

More to come

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